What to Do When COVID-19 Cancels Your Birth Class

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, pregnant women are finding themselves in a situation they would never have imagined. Live birth classes are being cancelled, many hospitals are no longer allowing doulas at births, and many women are finding all of their well-prepared birth plans suddenly being changed. How will you get the support and information you need to have the amazing birth you always dreamed of?

I'm happy to say that I have a solution for you, and it really is the best out there!

Birth Boot Camp's Certified Instructors are now offering a Hybrid Class Option.

What is included in the Hybrid Class?

  • Access to Birth Boot Camp's professionally filmed and edited online classes (with closed captioning). There are multiple birth classes and workshops to choose from, so the price and number of class sessions will depend on which class you choose. This ranges from a few hours for a Comfort Measures or Food & Fitness Workshop to 25 hours (broken up into ten 2.5-hour sessions) for the Comprehensive Childbirth Class. All of the online classes are fun to watch and chock full of information, tips, and fun activities to do with your partner. Even better, you can do it on your own time and in the comfort of your own home!

  • Weekly Live Virtual Support with a Certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor. Your instructor will schedule a virtual call with you once a week to touch base after you've completed your online class. This is a great way to keep the feeling of community alive, one of the main reasons some couples prefer a live class to an online class.

  • A beautiful class workbook along with other fun materials. Birth Boot Camp's workbooks will help guide you through your class and provide an abundance of information. The workbooks have very recently been updated and are now more cohesive than ever before. All images are high quality and full-color! Some other materials I personally include for my students are a BBC tote bag, pen, tumbler, as well as materials for different teaching activities.

I am so excited for this new way for couples to take true, quality birth classes. I took Birth Boot Camp's 10-week class when pregnant with my first baby, and it truly made all the difference. Education is the key to empowerment!

What if I can't afford the Hybrid Class?

The Hybrid Classes are already largely discounted compared to the live classes, but I understand that many people are under pressure to be as frugal as possible during this difficult time.

That is why Birth Boot Camp is currently offering all of their online birth classes at 50% off! This option does not include the live virtual support or any of the materials, though you can purchase a physical workbook at a small additional fee. So, though I highly recommend the hybrid option with virtual support, this option is great for those who find they do not want the extra support or simply cannot afford it. Birth Boot Camp's goal is to make these classes accessible to as many women and couples as possible during this pandemic.

I'm ready to have an amazing birth! Where do I sign up?

If you're interested in the Hybrid Class, you can REGISTER HERE.

If you would like to sign up for Birth Boot Camp's online class ONLY, click here.

You CAN have an amazing birth!



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